From the Board of Elders – February 2017

From the Board of Elders – February 2017

Dear St. Paul Family,

† God’s Blessings for a wonderful 2017 †

Every month Pastor Nuckols calls his elders to order in a meeting where we discuss the congregation’s activities. In addition to the goings-on at St. Paul we also engage in devotionals, studying of the Book of Concord (available on the iPAD from Joyful Games – Triglotta 2 – The Book of Concord).

In December I was asked to provide thoughts and devotions to our congregation for February 2017. After praying and meditating over the request, I checked the liturgical calendar.

The calendar indicates February 2nd is Candlemas (“Candlemass”) Day – the Purification of Mary and the Presentation of our Lord. The celebration of Candlemass originated in the late fifth century as a tribute to the light of God’s glory that was manifested in Christ Jesus.

The name was derived from the Gospel of Luke 2:22-40, wherein Simeon the priest and Anna the prophetess met the infant Jesus in the temple at the time of his consecration. Simeon’s prophecy declared Jesus to be the Lord’s salvation and “a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel.” This passage continues to be the focus of the celebration.

Candlemass Day is a day of hope and light. It is a time to honor the Lord as the Light of the World and to remind us that we too have that light within us. Also of note, Candlemas Day is Groundhog Day, which signifies a continuing winter or the coming of spring. As you read these passages, you may find familiarity with Luke 29-32 as Nunc Dimittis. Consider the following for your devotionals in February:

Morning – Luke 22:24
Evening – Luke 29:32

† God’s Blessings for a wonderful 2017 and in His name †

Joshua L. Konkle